Hi, I’m Diana.

        We often search for our purpose in life. I find my passion and purpose when inspiring and elevating those around me through my work.

        I was born and raised in New York City. Growing up in this dynamic city nurtured my curiosities. I wanted to be challenged. I thrive on innovation. City life embraced my rebellious nature and proved to be the perfect environment to push the envelope for creativity and discovery.

        Nearly a decade of working in real estate development broadened my expertise in the industry to include project management and construction but my heart has always belonged with interior design. I led several renovation projects at residential properties as well as commercial offices.

        That passion to design finally took center stage at an event that marked a major milestone in my life— my wedding.

        Moving in with my husband, decorating our space, as well as planning and designing our wedding, gave me new life. This is the excitement that I longed for all these years. It’s why I want to make the wedding of your dreams become a reality. It’s why I want to create the home space you love. It’s why I created Cóllectives by Diana.

        I draw inspiration through art, fashion, my travels and all walks of life. I love incorporating natural elements into unconventional spaces while creating a timeless elegance with a modern touch.

        My favorite part of this job is connecting with people. Getting to know exactly what you love gives me the opportunity to cater a design that’s special and unique to you.

        "To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage."

        - Georgia O'Keeffe